Second Week Service Internship

Each year after the summer camp, American TAs are given a special service internship opportunity provided by Christian hospitals in rural Taiwan to deepen their mission experiences. In the past years, we have visited Christian hospitals in Chia-Yi, Heng-Chun, Ping-Dong, Pu-Li, and Alishan. Through this program, American TAs will learn more about how Christian hospitals in Taiwan have combined health care, community service and evangelism, representing  a different but important aspect of Taiwanese culture and history. This opens an array of opportunities for the American team, from serving the children to serving the elderly  in the community through various activities.

In 2018, the site was Eastern Taiwan, Taitung Christian Hospital. In 2019, the team visited Heng-Chun, at the southern tip of Taiwan. This year, we will again visit Heng-Chun Christian Hospital, as we hope to develop a more long-term service in Heng-Chun. The main sponsor of MSCE is Luke Christian Medical Mission (LCMM), which will send a team in spring 2020. The work that this team starts will guide the activities for the MSCE visit in July.

MSCE 2016, Pu-li.jpg
Puli Christian Hospital, 2016
Running a children's service at an aboriginal church in central Taiwan in 2013.
Running a children’s service at an aboriginal church in central Taiwan in 2013.
Visiting Heng-Chun Christian Hospital in Southern Taiwan in 2011
team members work with seniors
At Manzhou senior center, with Heng Chun Christian Hospital 2019