2017 MSCE Program

Here is our highlighted schedule for the 2017 camp:

Day 00 (Saturday, 7/8)

Check-in at MMC, Team bonding, Camp preparation

Day 0 (Sunday, 7/9)

Tamsui TA Field Trip (Aletheia University, Mackay’s First Clinic)
Opening Ceremony and Welcome Party

Day 1 (Monday, 7/10)

morning Morning Manna, TA and Faculty Presentations (Fitness, Rehabilitation, and Exercise), Student-led Workshops (Cultural Topics in Taiwan)
afternoon Language Activity, Student Presentations (Medical Humanities, Women’s Rights, Taiwan Food and Travel)
evening Fun Games Night

Day 2 (Tuesday, 7/11)

morning Morning Manna, Student Presentations (Taiwan Health Insurance, Climate, Labor Rights), Language Activity
afternoon Taiwanese Sign Language Presentation, Language Activity
evening Sports Night

Day 3 (Wednesday, 7/12)

morning Morning Manna, TA and Faculty Presentations (Future Healthcare Trends, Healthcare Costs in America)
afternoon – evening Field Trip to YL Geopark, National Palace Museum, Shilin Night Market

Day 4 (Thursday, 7/13)

morning Morning Manna, Sanzhi Market, TA-led Dancing Activity
afternoon Cooking Contest
evening Praise Night

Day 5 (Friday, 7/14)

morning Morning Manna, TA Presentations (College Life, Community Colleges, Medical School, Nursing, Speech-Language Pathology and Music Therapy)
afternoon Student-led Workshops (Cultural Topics in Taiwan), Mini Field Trip to Baisha Bay
evening Movie Night (The Imitation Game)

Day 6 (Saturday, 7/15)

morning Morning Manna, Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture (Dr. Hsu), TA Presentations (Ethnicities in America)
afternoon Board Game Time, Dancing Time
evening Pack-up and Farewell

Day 7 (Sunday 7/16)

Morning Manna, Sunday Morning Worship at Mackay
Departure to MRT Hongshulin Station