2016 MSCE Program

Here is our schedule for the 2016 camp.

Day 0 (7/11, Monday):

Check-in at MMC, Team bonding, Camp preparation

Day 1 (7/12, Tuesday):

Tamsui TA Field Trip (Aletheia University, Mackay’s First Clinic)
Opening Ceremony & Welcome Party

Day 2: (7/13, Wednesday)

Morning: Morning Manna, Healthcare Economics and Telemedicine Presentation (Dr. Timothy Ko), Chinese Acupuncture (Dr. Liu)
Afternoon: Student presentation (Enjoy Festivals in Taiwan), Group Discussion Time, TA presentations (Sports, Life in Mexicali)
Evening: Icebreaker Game, Party Games

Day 3: (7/14, Thursday)

Morning: Morning Manna; Student presentations (If you could go back in time, what would you do?); Language Activity; TA presentation
Afternoon: Group Discussion, Student presentation (Taiwan No. 1 – Celebrities in Taiwan)
Evening: Icebreaker Game, Fun Night

Day 4: (7/15, Friday)

Morning: Morning Manna; Drama Activity
Afternoon: Field trip (Yang-Ming Mt. National Park)
Evening: Field trip sharing (Shilin Night Market)

Day 5: (7/16, Saturday)

Morning: Morning Manna; Sanzhi Market; Group Activity: Dancing
Afternoon: Cooking Contest
Evening: Praise Night

Day 6: (7/17, Sunday)

Morning: Bible Study, Sunday Church Worship (Pastor Tim Wang – Jesus: The Transformer), TA Presentation (College Life, Osteopathic Medicine), TA Career Discussions
Afternoon: Asian Alcohol Flushing Syndrome: Culture and Medicine (Dr. James Chen), TA Presentation, Discussion Time
Evening:Sports Night, Free Time

Day 7: (7/18, Monday)

Morning: Morning Manna; Student Presentation (Taiwanese Cuisine), Changing Culture: Lessons from Lean-In (Dr. Margaret Lee), TA Presentation
Afternoon: Discussion Time, Language Activity, Student Presentation (Taiwanese Movie Culture)
Evening: Closing Ceremony