2014 MSCE Program

Here is our schedule for the 2014 camp.

Day 0 (7/12, Saturday):

Afternoon: Check-in at MMC, Team bonding, Camp preparation

Day 1: (7/13, Sunday)

Morning: Worship on Mackay Medical College (MMC) Campus
Afternoon: MMC campus walk, Genome activity, Rest/Group time
Evening/Dinner: Welcome Party

Day 2: (7/14, Monday)

Morning: Morning Manna, Opening address, Retinitis Pigmentosa World Congress/Tarumako sharing
Afternoon: Student presentation (Festivals of Taiwan), Faculty Talk (Research on ALDH2/G6PD), TA session 1
Evening: Trivia/Fun night

Day 3: (7/15, Tuesday)

Morning: Morning Manna, Student presentation (Taiwan Art), Faculty Talk (Happiness and Career), TA session 2
Afternoon: Field trip (Yang-Ming Mt. National Park)
Evening: Field trip sharing/Language activity

Day 4: (7/16, Wednesday)

Morning: Morning Manna, Faculty Talk 3, TA session 3
Afternoon: Student presentation (Taiwan Epidemiology), TA session 4, Language activity
Evening: Praise night

Day 5: (7/17, Thursday)

Morning: Visit & shopping at Sanzhi local market, Split sessions/workshops
Afternoon: Cooking contest
Evening: Movie night with popcorn

Day 6: (7/18, Friday)

Morning: Morning Manna, Team debate
Afternoon: Student presentation (Taiwan Music), Faculty talk 4, TA session 5/6
Evening: Sports Night

Day 7: (7/19, Saturday)

Morning: Morning Manna, Genome activity report
Afternoon: Preparation for Bible skit contest
Evening: Bible skit contest/Closing ceremony

Day 8: (7/20, Sunday)

Morning:  Sunday Worship with local Sanzhi Presbyterian Church visit to MMC
Afternoon: Departure from Danshui