Meet: Faculty

Meet the fantastic faculty members who will help with MSCE planning, logistics, and activities this year (2019)!

James Che-Hong Chen ( 陳哲宏 )

B.S. Agronomy | National Taiwan University

Ph.D. Genetics | UC Berkeley

Post-doc Fellowship | Cornell University

Senior Research Scientist, SPARK Fellow of Translational Discovery | Chemical and Systems Biology, Stanford University School of Medicine

Regional Director, Stanford Center for Asian Health Research and Education (CARE);  CEO, International ALDH2 STAR Research Consortium;  Senior Research Scientist, Dept. Chemical and Systems Biology; SPARK Fellow of Translational Research, Stanford University, School of Medicine; Visiting Professor, Fu-Jen Catholic University and China Medical University; Advisor, SPARK Taiwan and National Taiwan University SPARK Program

As a research scientist at Stanford, James discovered a class of novel small molecule activators for the family of aldehyde dehydrogenases. These molecules are drug-like with great potential for clinical applications. James is interested in public health education for the awareness of “Asian Alcohol Flushing” and cancer risks. He has active research collaborations with several institutes in Taiwan including the recent formation of Stanford-Taiwan ALDH2 research consortium. He enjoys training and working with undergraduates (including pre-meds), graduate students and post-doctoral fellows in the lab. In his spare time, James enjoys listening to classical music, swimming, biking and attending his Bible study group. James also serves as a member on the board of directors for Luke Christian Medical Mission.


Margaret Lee Chen ( 李淳鳹 )

B.S.   Biology | Stanford University

Ph.D. Molecular Biology | UC Berkeley

Biology Faculty | Ohlone College

Margaret grew up in the United States but re-learned Taiwanese in order to connect with her Taiwanese roots. She is still trying to learn Mandarin, slowly but surely.  During the school year she teaches microbiology at Ohlone College, a community college in Fremont, California.

Paul Cheng ( 鄭博仁)

M.D. | National Taiwan University

Ph.D. Microbiology | University of Pennsylvania M.A.

Bioethics | Trinity International University Clinical Associate Professor (on leave) | UC San Francisco

Fellow, American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Executive Director | Luke Christian Medical Mission USA

Paul is an active independent practitioner at his clinic for allergy, asthma, and immunology. He has supervised many pre-med students at his clinic over the years. He is also very involved in advocating medical missions, serving as the Executive Director of LCMM USA, and in teaching bioethics in the church community.

James C Yu (游正民)

M.D. | Chung Shan Medical University Taichung, Taiwan

Resident/Research Fellow | Dept. Anesthesia, Case Western Reserve University Hospital of Cleveland, Ohio

Attending Anesthesiologist | De Paul Hospital/EVMS-Affiliated Norfolk General Hospital, Norfolk, VA, USA

Attending Anesthesiologist | Kaiser Permanente Hospital, Woodland Hills, CA, USA

As a Christian medical doctor, Dr. Yu has been following his faith and actively reaching out to enrich the lives of others near and far. He has spent the past 3-4 decades working as a practicing physician at Southern CA Kaiser Hospital and serving as a community liaison on the medical consulting board for the Southern CA Herald Cancer Association.  Dr. Yu served as an anesthesia team leader with Operation Smile International and has been active with the North American Taiwanese Medical Association. Dr. Yu has participated in a number of medical missions including Surgical Missions in Gaza Strip, West Bank in Israel; in Honduras, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Ecuador, and Brazil; and in Asian countries including Thailand, Vietnam and China.

Dr. George Leslie Mackay seeing patients in Taiwan