7. (a new) beginning

It’s the last day of MSCE!! But it’s not really the end; it is a new beginning in many ways. However, this is indeed my last blog-post for MSCE, so I will plainly lay out my observations and reflections.

Today, we had a stacked TA lineup for the Morning Manna sessions: Anne, Joyce, and Rebecca. Their stories were parallel to the rest of the day: rich, eventful, and deeply emotional.

During the presentations, Dr. Jimmy encouraged these aspiring physicians and nurses to consider international volunteering in places that are mostly poverty-stricken and that lack healthcare equity. Elton and Julianna presented on Asian American Stereotypes as well as the main differences between the Taiwanese students and Asian American students.

Today, the mealtimes were very interesting. For lunch, we the TA’s sat with groups other than our own and conversed with them. For dinner, our group had “Chinese Hour,” which meant that no one could speak English for an hour, and the Americans felt the mental blockage of trying to translate every thought into another language before speaking!! We empathized with the students in this way. Some students thought that this was the best moment of the camp.

Between lunch and dinner, we competed in an INTENSE escape room game designed by the students. It was very creative and challenging! There were so many fun games and challenges to conquer. To me, this game was the the essence of this whole week—the students poured in so much hard work for the enjoyment and learning of everyone in the camp.

The farewell party was very touching, and we nominated the MSCE Commanders for next year (a renewal of sorts). We really created so many great memories throughout the week. We love you all!!!

May this conclusion be a testament to the Lord’s goodness and overwhelming love, through which He gives us every good thing. May it also serve as a call to action for us to forge our own personal friendships outside the structured confines of MSCE. It’s time to celebrate and face this new beginning together!