6. cruising

By today, we were very used to the schedule and were just cruising along.

In the morning Bible study, we talked about Jesus’ healing, which was suitable at this medically related camp. Following, the Morning Manna featured Charlotte and Julianna. Since we were more familiar with each other through the camp days, the Taiwanese students were willing to ask many question, whereas they had refused previously.

Today, we delved into many deeper, more technical topics in our lectures and presentations. Joyce and Luke presented on Type I and Type II, respectively, while James presented on ALDH2 deficiency in some 50% of the Taiwanese population, which causes “Asian flush” when they drink alcohol. (We also learned that those with asian flush are more susceptible to cancer from drinking alcohol). Beau (that’s me!) presented on Artificial Intelligence, while a visiting professor taught all about oral hygiene and our health.

After this, Charlotte and Rebecca led a language activity: Madlib skits! The skit scrips were Madlibs, and the groups that performed made them extraordinarily hilarious!

The Taiwanese workshop presenters were very smooth and prepared. Just cruising. Their topics were relevant and interesting, including Self-Researched/Guided Tours, Studying Abroad, and International Volunteering, etc.

Then we went to the Baisha Bay Beach!!!

Some of the beach activities included wading, playing ultimate frisbee, chilling, and dumping fellow students and TA into the ocean.

We came back to eat dinner, before our evening activities.

Competing through eating contests, post-it note blow/shake offs (shown above), bottle/can knockdowns with a ball-in-a-sock (shown above), and a myriad of other mini-challenges, the student organizers crowned one of the group as the campion for the night, and they were given priority to choose the midnight snack first.

Tomorrow is the last day! We’ll miss everyone, but we’re excited for every moment!