5. cooking

Good morning, everybody! On this day, we had a variation from the normal routine.

Students and faculty all got to have an extra hour of sleep today as we did not have Bible study in the morning. Instead, we all met up for breakfast in the Student Cafeteria at 8:30 am to announce the day’s activity: a cooking contest! 

Each team was given their recipe and shopping list to follow for the day while we munched on our breakfast sandwiches and sipped cups of tea. The recipes were as followed: 

  • Team 1: Banana coated with chocolate 巧克力香蕉 and brown sugar bubble tea 黑糖珍珠紅茶 
  • Team 2: Fried pork 炸豬排 and fried shrimp with pineapple 鳳梨蝦球
  • Team 3: Baked egg with basil 九層塔烘蛋 and traditional shrimp omelet 古早味蝦仁煎
  • Team 4: Dried tofu with green onion 蔥燒豆腐 and fried cabbage with tomato 番茄炒高麗
  • Team 5: Steamed white rice and barbecue sauce fried rice with pork 沙茶豬肉蛋炒飯
  • Team 6: Tofu fried with soy sauce and basil 三杯百頁豆腐 and spicy chicken 辣味雞胸

Each team headed to Sanzhi Market afterwards to purchase their supplies, then were given free time until lunch time. After lunch, the teams began to prepare their dishes. 

At 5 pm, we finally finished and laid out all of our creations on the table. Each team played a game of rock, paper, scissors to see who could eat first. What a feast! Thank God for the food and the fellowship. 

When dinner was over, we cleaned up the cafeteria and then headed over to the Gym for a special Praise Night. There were worship songs and performances from both the Taiwanese students and the American team, as well as testimonial sharing from TA’s Hannah and Beau. 

It was truly a joyous and touching night to be able to worship and sing together. A few recaps and bits of information were shared regarding the last few days of camp, and we were treated with surprise milk tea and passion fruit tea drinks after. 

Hopefully everybody was able to take a nice break today with this shift into a day of more freely structured schedule. As the camp is nearing to its close, we hope that everybody is having a good time and making lasting connections. Have a good night! 

~Contributed by Fellow TA Rebecca Wu