4. adventuring

We started off the day by watching a short skit performed by our TAs, as they introduced the lesson of the day. The students read the parable of the prodigal son, learning about our father God’s relentless pursuit of our sinful hearts. We came to the conclusion that God’s love is so steadfast that it almost seems irrational, igniting some insightful and meaningful discussion within our groups.

After the Bible study, we enjoyed our delicious breakfast: steamed buns with soymilk. As we ate, we listened to Elton’s and Camille’s testimonies; it was so encouraging and inspiring to learn how God has been moving in each of their lives!

We then transitioned into the TA presentations, where we went over some interesting topics. Esther and Charlotte presented about dating in America, introducing the Taiwanese students to the dating culture in the States– I was personally surprised that many of the students had not heard about prom before because they do not have a similar event in Taiwan schools! Lucia also presented about an engaging topic: college life in America. It was really interesting to learn about the differences between college life in America with that in Taiwan, and I hope that the Taiwanese students were able to gain some insight into how we live our everyday lives as American college students!

After the presentations, we ate our lunch and headed off on a 1.5 hour drive to Jiufen. It was quite a trek up the mountain of stairs to reach the old streets of Jiufen, but the view was so worth it. In addition to having a beautiful view of the city, the streets of Jiufen are lined with shops and restaurants selling various foods and souvenirs. Each group went their separate ways, but I’m sure all of them were able to enjoy the amazing things that Jiufen has to offer. Our group was able to buy some souvenirs and a lot of food—taro drinks, peanut ice cream rolls, boba tea, noodles, and more! Ooh and the Taiwanese students took us to a shop that is known for their taro balls, and I definitely see why it’s so famous!! 

After a few hours in Jiufen, we took a bus to go to Keelung Night Market. Various shops and Taiwanese food stands lined the bustling streets of the night market—there was so much food that it was difficult to choose what to eat!! Our group got fried chicken, corn, lemon aiyu, sashimi from the nearby fish market, and more—yum! With our stomachs full and legs tired from walking in the heat, we excitingly hopped onto the bus to go back to MacKay, completely satisfied with today’s fun events. We’re looking forward to what tomorrow will bring ☺

~Contributed by Fellow TA Monica Wen