3. acquainting

After trying to figure out the schedule and campus yesterday, we got to know the students better through today’s various activities!

Even in the early morning, the students responded well to deep questions on morality and ethical values. Perhaps equally thought-provoking was a sciency video on how sin (brown water in a cup) muddies humanity (clear liquid in a cup), but that Christ (also clear liquid in a cup) purifies humanity when poured into it. A teaser for the gospel…

Through Morning Manna, we were acquainted to Monica’s and Lucia’s life stories, in which we could see God’s transformation and guidance.

Then were informative lectures on charitable giving in the US and the abortion debate. During the highly-participative group discussion, we found that the students all really valued charity work, and some even spoke of their hopes to join Doctors Without Borders in the future! Somehow, it was very fulfilling to hear about their international altruistic aspirations while on a similar trip myself. This was true connection.

Together, Esther and Monica led a fun language activity in which each of the six student groups acted out an assigned English idiom. We enjoyed quite a few good laughs together, all while learning the figurative meanings of the idioms; this was indeed “killing two birds with one stone!”

After a satisfying lunch, we enjoyed a comprehensive presentation by Dan, Ezra, and Isdras, students from the National Defense Medical Center (NDMC). In a single go, these comrades taught us the long history of the NDMC (from since the Qing Dynasty), how to perform a mass casualty triage, and techniques for stabilizing a patient during trauma diagnosis. Additionally, they led us through the trial version of a 12-stage National Military Exercise group workout session

With the echoes of the military drill still ringing in our heads (“one, two, three, four,…, two, two, three, four,…, three, two, three, four,… “), we engaged in combat—Family Feud, American culture edition, led by Lucia and Camille. Then we had a time of group discussion, where we made suggestions on how to practice civility at MSCE. It seems that each activity helps build our group confidence and helps us learn more about each other.

We also learned about Mongolian Culture through a special presentation by Gua, a Mongolian exchange student. We could have searched up facts about Mongolia ourselves, but her presentation brought it to life.

Our day of acquaintanceship ended on a high note. Some Taiwanese students taught us dance moves in their Dance Workshop session. Tonight, we opened up to each other through dance, “the hidden language of our souls.” Seeing their struggling and then rocking the moves together, I already know that tomorrow will be loaded with great memories and experiences, as we embark on a great field trip together!