2. beginning

We had a day jam-packed with learning and fun at Mackay Medical College!

The day started off with a Bible study, where Elton, Hannah, and Joyce led us through verses and discussions about the validity of the Bible. Students were also introduced to our God, the Creator of the universe who loves us very much. We pray that we will be able to share this love as we continue to interact with these students each day. 

While we ate breakfast, Luke and Esther gave their testimonies in a time called the “Morning Manna.” Their sharing illuminated the ways God has been actively involved in their lives, calling them to Himself and revealing His will to them as they navigated life’s circumstances. It was so encouraging to hear God’s sovereign hand at work in these TA’s lives :) 

After Morning Manna, we spent the rest of the morning in the conference room learning about acupuncture, the benefits of travelling, manners, and clouds from Taiwanese students and faculty. We even got the opportunity to practice acupuncture on ourselves, a very thrilling and scary but team bonding event. 

We filled our brains with new knowledge, so we took a break and filled our stomachs with delicious Taiwanese 便當. With new energy, we returned to the conference room, where it was the American faculty and TA’s turns to present. We learned about civility, social media addiction, and introversion/extroversion, all very important and relevant topics for our daily lives. We then attended various workshops, where Taiwanese students gave short presentations on topics such as insomnia, long-term care, mobile payment, brands, international volunteering, and cartoons. What a truly cross-cultural exchange of knowledge!

We were told to return after dinner wearing running shoes and clothes we can easily move around in. It turns out, we played the “Nametag Ripping Battle” game in the evening, where the students and TAs were split into two teams and tried to steal the color papers (the nametags) stuck on our backs. We definitely bonded while running around the halls of the university and battling the other team. 

As I look around the room, I can see students and TAs, and faculty, bonding with each other. Please pray that we will continue to build meaningful relationships that the Lord will use to plant the seeds of the gospel. Looking forward to many more days of learning and fun! Until then~

~Contributed by Fellow TA Anne Hsia