1. calling

Our Medical Students Cultural Exchange Program shot off to a great start! This daily blog will share the highlights of our weeklong immersion program as we make new friends and follow our calling at Mackay Medical College.

Fittingly, we started out today with Sunday worship at a local church in Tamsui (a bus-ride away from our campus). Even more fittingly, the message was on the calling of God’s people, and our response to him. Our American TA’s are not here by pure chance, but are here by following His guidance.

After the service, we learned about the missionary George Mackay through a tour of relevant historical buildings, including his first clinic and his first academy. He was one called by God in childhood and followed through with it his whole life. It was true dedication. We learned that, in his dental/medical missionary career, he pulled 21,000 rotten teeth!

On the bus-ride back, every TA utilized this time as fellowship and bonding time through conversation. We arrived back on campus just in time to hail in the first bus of Taiwanese participants.

Meeting our the students in our group for the first time was exciting! Over a dinner of Xiao long bao, spicy beef noodles, or traditional Chinese Cuisine (chosen by lottery!), we got to know our group. It seems like we’ll all get along fine speaking only English.

Then immediately upon our return from our icebreaker dinner, we were tasked with a challenge—to design the best sky lantern decoration using only a Chinese red envelope and tools, trinkets, and tassels.

The few hours we’ve had with our students have been great so far, and that makes me look forward to this week even more!! May we continue responding to this rich calling throughout the week.