Day 6: 7.8.18 Worship, Acupuncture, and Baisha beach.

Sunday, the Lord’s day and the second to last day of camp! I think everyone was feeling pretty tired at this point in the week so it was a real blessing to have a somewhat lighter Sunday schedule. In the morning we had our Sunday service in the gym which included more worship through music as well as the message delivered by Prof. Margaret who inventively compared the super hero narrative to the Gospel narrative. What similarities does Jesus share with popular icons such as Captain America, Spiderman, and Black Panther? What ways is Jesus different from said heroes?

After the Sunday service, we all quickly headed back to the International Conference Hall for an introduction and sampling of Chinese Medicine, specifically acupuncture! The prospect of piercing one’s self with needles can sound pretty frightening, but thankfully the needles used for acupuncture are pretty thin so you don’t end up feeling too much at all. There were three acupuncture points that we tried: in the hand between the thumb and the index finger, in the forearm near where the forearm meets the tricep, and in the leg just a bit above the ankle. Most of the acupuncture was self-administered. Many said that they mostly just felt a bit numb, but Justin, one half of the team 2 TAs, started to feel dizzy with a kind of loud ringing in the ears. Thankfully the professionals knew what to do to fix things. Moral of the story: please be careful before you go poking yourself.

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Another highlight of Sunday was our mini day-trip to Baisha Bay. It was a scorcher that day so everyone was happy to fight the heat by cooling down in Taiwan’s waters. There’s something that’s just so fun about wading in water with a large group of friends! We also had one of those giant inflatable unicorn raft things which everyone took turns riding the waves on. But probably my favorite thing was when the sophomores individually ambushed freshmen/TAs and group hoisted them into the water. The only thing that we probably should’ve done though was to make a PSA beforehand about taking your glasses off before going into the water or at least to be extra careful to keep your glasses on. We had like 7-8 eyepiece casualties I think. Thankfully a few of them were actually found and fished out, but the rest I guess will just have to be content to contribute to the fulfillment of Revelation 15:2’s glassy sea!

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Lastly, we ended our day with movie night. Our feature film was Inception (2010). It’s basically about a team of special agents who travel into the sub-consciousness of a rising businessman with the mission of planting an idea/motivation into his mind. It’s a very action-packed adventure with a lot of clever twists and turns, but I think by the end of it everyone was pretty tired out from all the events of the day.

Overall, Sunday, the Lord’s day, at MSCE was filled with so many blessings from God, the great Creator of all good things, superheroes, acupuncture, and Baisha Bay included!

–contributed by Brandon Ung,  2017-18 MSCE TA