Day 3: 7.5.18

Hello everyone!

Our Thursday morning began with Bible Study on Ephesians 2:1-3 led by Christine. The topic was “Who are we?” following Wednesday’s discussion on “Who is God?”. This discussion proved to be a bit discouraging as we were focusing in on our sins and separation from God. But this only made the coming good news so much sweeter!

Next we had breakfast together while listening to three amazing testimonies of God’s goodness from Alex, Zoe, and Kevin. Thank you for sharing with us! Many of the students expressed that Morning Manna (testimony sharing) is their favorite part of the camp. They really valued the openness and honesty of each of the TAs. It was our joy to share our lives with them while pointing solely to Christ as our Savior and source of life, joy, peace, etc. All glory be to HIM!

Alex sharing his Morning Manna

Our morning continued in the conference room where we gathered for language activities organized by Joyce, Zoe, and Naomi. These ranged from learning about idioms through puzzles and visual word puns to re-enacting a movie scene with new dialogue. Many of the students are drawn to MSCE partially for the opportunity to practice their English. So these activities were a really fun way for them to strengthen that skill and be engaged.

Joyce, Zoe, and Naomi leading the Language Activities
Team ‘Four’ever Fish

Next, the Taiwanese students from NDMC (National Defense Medical Center) presented on Chinese Medicine & Women’s Health, Chef Andre Chiang (Taiwanese chef in France), and Heat Stroke including a demonstration on how to properly carry an unconscious patient if there is no stretcher available (the “fireman’s carry”). Throughout the day several students practiced carrying each other.

We had some time for lunch and free time before jumping back into learning and engaging in the Taiwanese students’ workshops where we rotated through short presentations and activities including topics such as Travel (Self-guided tour), Harry Potter, Rap of China and Taiwanese Pop, Isolating Effects of Social Media, How Songs Help the World in Hard Times, Local Sceneries of Sanzhi, some logic/thinking games, and Youth Suicide. These short presentations were very powerful. Some covered difficult and heavy topics that gave our teams opportunities to have honest, deeper conversations with one another. Other topics were lighter and allowed us to share about similar interests such as Harry Potter and travel! The workshops were some of my personal favorite times for the discussions they encouraged.

Kerwin’s presentation on “Song Helps the World”

Our last activity before dinner involved more language practice led by Shannon and Lily. We played a game called Fish Bowl which is essentially mixing games like Taboo (or Catch Phrase) and Charades. Everyone loved this game and the teams were able to bond even more while laughing together and sharing new inside jokes.


Finally, dinner and lastly DANCING! Dancing night is where we accept the fact that we will all be sweaty and will probably embarrass ourselves, and it’s a blast. A few of the Taiwanese students taught us all a couple of dances that I could not get correct for the life of me, but it was so much fun to try and to switch around partners and learn together. After, the TAs had an opportunity to teach some line dances! Everyone caught on really well! We finished the night with some freestyle dancing and snacks. It felt great to get in some exercise after a full day of sitting and learning. This day brought all of the teams closer and we created many special memories. We’re looking forward to what the rest of the week holds!

Taiwanese Student-led dance
TA-led line dancing!

–contributed by Ariana Gruber,  2016-18 MSCE TA