Day 7: 7.9.18 Final Day of MSCE Camp :(

Hi everyone!

It’s the last official day of camp and many of us are excited that we can rest well tonight and sad as it’s the last day to interact with students in person. Despite what we’re feeling, we’re just thankful for the ways God has provided for us on this trip and how he has opened many doors for us to interact with the students.

The day started off with our last bible study of the week. We were very encouraged when we saw many faces of students willing to wake up early to study Gods word. Praise God for his work in these students! Afterwards, we quickly transitioned into our Morning Manna session where we heard the testimonies of Christy, Justin, and Emily. Each one of their stories displayed a different way in which God transformed their lives and it was amazing to see God’s love and power displayed as each of these individuals chose to abide in Him.

Christy’s Testimony!
Emily’s Testimony!
Justin’s Testimony!

With little time to rest, we all went straight into TA presentations. We started off with a presentation about “College Life” by Zoe, Shannon, and Kevin. They did a quick comparison of the colleges in the US and even touched on unique features US colleges have to offer such as Greek life. Following this presentation was another one by Joyce and Christine on “Public Health”. These 2 TAs introduced the pressing health concerns after the students have guessed each one. Finally at the end, the students were divided into 3 separate talks depending on what they were studying. These talks were on Pre-Med, Nursing, and Speech Language Pathology/ Audiology with a emphasis on Music Therapy.

College Life by Shannon, Zoe, and Kevin
Pre-Med by Shannon and Joyce
Nursing by Alex
Speech/Audiology by Brandon and Ariana

For lunch we had our standard bento lunch filled with delicious Taiwanese food along with a fried chicken drumstick. After polishing off the bento with our EFRU (Environmentally Friendly Reusable Utensils), we went to the gym to play board games. Each team was given some Mackay dollars use to “gamble” with in these games. It was a competition between teams to see who could earn the most from these games. While the title of this activity was “board games” it was mostly card games ranging from “Big 2” to “Texas Hold’em Poker” and “UNO”. There was even a station where people could perform a choreography to a KPOP dance in order to win more Mackay dollars (all you had to do was participate!). The winning team of this activity received a big bag of yummy Taiwanese snacks.

Board games
Dancing for some Mackay dollas

After cooling down a little with the board games, it was time to shift gears into high intensity mode as we jumped straight into sports time. Both the Taiwanese students and the American TAs created games for everyone to play. The Taiwanese students made a game where 2 teams would send 1 person at a time to race towards each other through a series of exercises and upon meeting each other in the same spot, the 2 would Rock Paper Scissors (RoShamBo/ Jiandao Shitou Bu) and the winner would proceed on while the losing team sends out another member. This process was repeated many times over until we all quickly realized that no one was scoring any points so the rules were changed to having people just do all the exercises to the end to earn points. The second game that the Taiwanese TAs had us play was dodgeball. This form of dodgeball was like the standard American version except with more variation to it. For example when people were tagged out, they go to the other side surrounding the opposing team and they can receive the ball and throw it. It was a great adaption to the traditional dodgeball that Americans play. Next it was the American TAs games.  Alex and Luke came up with Capture the Flag and Blob Tag. During Capture the Flag, the American TA boys used their athleticism and knowledge of the game to quickly maneuver their respective team to victory countless time (echem Brandon and Justin COUGH). Blob tag AKA link tag and various other names really had everyone running around as they tried to avoid being “eaten” by the taggers.

Jump Emily Jump! Sports time Taiwanese game #1
Ariana taunting people in Capture the Flag :C

After wrapping up sports time, we all went back to quickly shower off our sweat and attend our final meal at camp. The kitchen staff had prepared a feast for us.  Several tables were linked together and contained many delicious Taiwanese foods. I think that several of the TAs gained a few pounds that meal. The last event which was the farewell party happened right after the dinner. For this event Justin and Naomi slaved night after night making sure that everything was going to be perfect for our last formal event together. Beforehand, each team was assigned to create a 5 min performance to perform at the farewell party, which could’ve been anything like lip-syncing or dancing. Everyone was also given slips of paper to write thank you and encouragement notes to their teammates. We started off our farewell party with performances from team 1 (Bruno Mars cover and Taiwanese song about friends), 2 (KPOP dancing), and 3 (Parody of memorable MSCE moments). At that halfway point, we viewed a video that Justin and Naomi prepared that recapped the camp as a whole with each of the major events. After that, the president of Mackay Medical College came up to saw a few words and gave some gifts to the Taiwanese MSCE helpers (Tim, Alice, Joy, and Judy), the MSCE Faculty, and the American TAs (WE GOT SOME NAICE TOWELS!!!!). Finally the last 3 teams went up and did their performances; team 4 (Memories of MSCE), team 5 (Memories of MSCE), and team 6 (Parody of Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen). Now that the performances were all over, it was time for everyone to exchange the notes that they have been writing during the past few days and to take pictures with each other. It was truly a touching time of joy and smiles all around as people said their goodbyes and made sure to take a picture for the memories. It was truly a joy and blessing to see how strong of a bond each of the campers have made with each other over the past week. Some students have actually come up to some of the TAs and mentioned that they were interested in learning more about Christianity and who Jesus was. Praise God for the softening of their hearts and their willingness to have a open ear to the gospel. As we head to our hard beds with no proper pillows one last time, we are just all so thankful for being granted the opportunity to share our lives with the Taiwanese students and just bonding with them in numerous ways over the past week. We will continue to keep in touch with those we have bonded with and pray that the seeds planted here will flourish and bear much good fruit in the years to come! THANK YOU ALL WE LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! Stay tuned for week 2 Taitung (see Stories, 2018)

Farewell party final group pic
The whole crew wearing matching shirts :)
Fish Faced TAs loves our Taiwanese students~

Oh yeah and as if Naomi’s birthday wasn’t enough we also had another birthday celebration for Alex on the last day of camp.

Happy birthday Alex!

–contributed by Alex Myau, MSCE 2018 TA