Day 2: 7.4.18 First Full Day

Hello friends!

Thank you so much for your patience. This week has been a blur of exciting games, deep conversation, and late nights in prayer. It’s been difficult finding time to keep up with the blog, but more updates from the other TA’s are on the way!

With such a quite night in Taipei, It’s hard to believe that people are setting off fireworks across the world. Last fourth of July, I remember comforting my dog in a pillow fort six thousand miles east of here. Today I’m at Mackay Medical College chasing students with green plastic taped to their backs.

We started the morning with MSCE 2018’s first Bible study asking the question, “What does the Bible say about God?” We were both astonished and encouraged by the number of students that decided to come. Praying that attendance stays high throughout the camp!

After Bible Study we rushed off to a classroom for breakfast (choice of burgers, scallion pancakes, or crust less sandwiches) and were blessed by Luke, Christine, and Naomi’s testimonies. Despite bleary eyes around the room (we don’t have mattresses or pillows and the beds are super hard!), our first Morning Manna* felt extremely special. There was a mixed atmosphere of comfort, vulnerability, and prayerfulness that I’m so glad we got to start our first full day of MSCE with.

The rest of the day was a bit of a blur. Barbara gave a presentation on nutrition, Ariana and I talked about the diversity of food in America**, Justin shared about American food trends, and Brandon and Alex lead us through a series of workouts while exploring fitness trends in America. After a short break, the Taiwanese students presented lectures on John Leahy, the potential of artificial intelligence, and one of the students talked about her experience in a marching band.

In the afternoon, Christy and Ariana taught us how to separate plasma from blood samples using a paperfuge. Who knew 20 cents worth of paper and string could make a 125,000 rpm hand powered centrifuge!

See the source image
Later, teams competed to make the most effective paperfuge by separating a mixture of corn starch and water. I’m tempted to try this in lab with microfuge tubes.

After dinner the Taiwanese students organized FUN NIGHT where groups competed in different team games. We ended the night with a wild game where students ran around the building trying to rip colored plastic off of the backs of other players. We played the game twice and I lost miserably in both games.***

Overall, it was an incredibly satisfying day. From sharing my faith at Bible study to crawling around on all fours at fun night, this first day of MSCE has been an amazing experience. Sharing our lives with the medical school students here in Taiwan has been remarkably life-giving. I am struck by the friendliness of the students here, and their receptiveness to the gospel. Even though I’ve only known the other TA’s for two days, I know that I’ve already made lifelong friends. Extremely excited to see what the rest of the week has in store for us!

It was Naomi’s birthday today!! Faculty surprised us with a gorgeous fruit cake, so we had a little celebration back in the team room. (Top row from left to right: Joyce, Zoe, Brandon, Justin. Middle Row: Emily, Christy, Alex, Christine, Lily. Bottom Row: Shannon, Naomi, Ariana, Kevin.

*The time we call the testimonies

**Funny story — technology completely fell through on Ariana and I during our presentation. We had trouble opening our Powerpoint on Google Slides, and then the projector turned off. We ended up presenting without pictures while projector screens randomly descended and ascended behind us… James had us switch rooms after that mess.

*** The Taiwanese students made the losing teams imitate a skunk (and later a horse) as punishment.

–contributed by Kevin Zhou, 2018 MSCE TA and Blog master