Day 1: 7.3.18 Introductions

Hello friends!

Thank you so much for following us on MSCE 2018! This trip has been a huge blessing for every one of us serving both as faculty and as TA’s. As we make new friends, learn more about our cultures, and pursue the Gospel, I pray that these blog posts will allow you to catch a taste of what this years MSCE has had to offer.

With the students arriving at 4:30 pm, the MSCE faculty took the morning to teach the TA’s the history of Mackay Memorial Hospital. After meeting with the team for breakfast, we took the bus to Tansui and visited George Mackay’s home-turned-Memorial-Museum, Oxford College, and the Captain Mackay Clinic.

Image may contain: 11 people, including Justin Credible Chan, Kevin Zhou, Zoe Hsiao, Brandon Ung, Alex Myau and Shannon Tseng, people smiling, people standing and outdoor

As we walked through George Leslie Mackay’s home and first clinic with the MSCE team, I was astonished by the impact that a single missionary from Canada had had on so many generations of people. Somehow, a 27 year old Scottish-blooded Jesus follower had traveled across the Pacific ocean and made a home on this beautiful island on the northern border of the South China Sea. Despite disease, language barriers, prejudice, and literal thrown rocks, Mackay poured his life into the Taiwanese people. Over the remaining thirty years of his life, he extracted 21,000 rotten teeth,* married a Taiwanese woman, began a girls school, planted the roots for the enormous Mackay Memorial Hospital system, and ministered to thousands of Taiwanese people — all while rocking Leslie as his middle name. I’m hoping that we can embody that attitude of radical service and love when we meet our students!

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A few hours later we met with the students at the opening ceremony. The students seem extremely sweet, but most of them are pretty shy about using English. I’m hoping most of them will become more conversational after dinner.

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Team 3 (XLB) sharing shaved ice after dinner.
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Team 4 (Forever Fish!) sharing Vietnamese food.
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Team 6 (Wei?) at 好朋友.

Over the next few days we’ll be attending workshops, sharing testimonies, and playing games. Be sure to check in for updates!

* To put that in perspective, that would be about 656 full sets of teeth.

contributed by Kevin Zhou, 2018 MSCE TA and Blog master