About MSCE

2022 Group Photo
Taiwanese-American Medical Students Cultural Exchange Summer Camp

Update: Summer 2023 MSCE camp is taking place!

For 2023, the camp takes place on site at Mackay Medical College from Sunday, July 2, to Saturday, July 8. The first week service trip takes place June 25-30 (Sunday to Friday).

MSCE was founded in 2011 through collaboration between American medical professionals and scientists and Taiwanese medical school faculty who had a vision of seeing young medical professionals from both nations interact and grow in friendship, leadership and multiculturalism. Since then, the camp has successfully brought people together to learn from each other and discuss the culture and future of medical care, all while having an unforgettably fun time.

The goals of the MSCE Summer Camp are as follows:

  1. To facilitate interaction, and to build long-term friendships, between students of medicine, nursing, and speech pathology/audiology from Taiwan and the U.S.
  2. To introduce medical professionals from the U.S. and from Taiwan as mentors for students and to facilitate a continuing educational relationship.
  3. To build up character and virtues essential to medical professionals, educators, and reformers.
  4. To grow a more global view of health care and other social issues.
  5. For Taiwanese students specifically:
  • To introduce faith-based American values and cultural diversity.
  • To introduce the American health care system and how it runs.
  • To introduce American medical, nursing, and speech audiology education and training.
  • To provide an opportunity to experience immersion and communication in English.

The MSCE Summer Camp is associated with Luke Christian Medical Missions in the San Francisco Bay Area and MacKay Medical College in Taipei, Taiwan.

Contact us for questions at msceapply@gmail.com.