About MSCE

2018 Group Photo
Taiwanese-American Medical Students Cultural Exchange Summer Camp, July 2019
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MSCE was founded in 2011 through collaboration between American medical professionals and scientists and Taiwanese medical school faculty who had a vision of seeing young medical professionals from both nations interact and grow in friendship, leadership and multiculturalism. For six years, the camp has successfully brought people together to learn from each other and discuss the culture and future of medical care, all while having an unforgettably fun time.

The goals of the MSCE Summer Camp are as follows:

  1. To facilitate interaction, and to build long-term friendships, between students of medicine, nursing, and speech pathology/audiology from Taiwan and the U.S.
  2. To introduce medical professionals from the U.S. and from Taiwan as mentors for students and to facilitate a continuing educational relationship.
  3. To build up character and virtues essential to medical professionals, educators, and reformers.
  4. To grow a more global view of health care and other social issues.
  5. For Taiwanese students specifically:
  • To introduce faith-based American values and cultural diversity.
  • To introduce the American health care system and how it runs.
  • To introduce American medical, nursing, and speech audiology education and training.
  • To provide an opportunity to experience immersion and communication in English.

For 2019, we plan to bring a team of 14-16 health-field students from the U.S. to join some 50 Taiwanese students at Mackay Medical College, which is in the small city of Sanzhi, about an hour drive from Taipei.

From formal presentations to casual mealtime conversations, we encourage as much of the camp to be held in English. That is one reason we call the American students “teaching assistants,” or TAs. Typically, 2 TAs co-lead a group of 6-8 Taiwanese students.  The camp program consists of  presentations from faculty and students, both American and Taiwanese,  on various topics relating to the goals of the camp (see previous camp programs here).  The camp program also includes small group discussions to build up communication and critical thinking skills. Creative group activities as well as sharing meals and dorm rooms enhance learning experiences and further strengthen the cross-cultural relationships. Extra activities during the camp include faith-based programming such as worship nights and testimony sharing, sports events, and field trips around northern Taiwan. We have seen that after the end of the camp, our friendships continue to grow and flourish over the years.

The MSCE Summer Camp is associated with Luke Christian Medical Missions in the San Francisco Bay Area and MacKay Medical College in Taipei, Taiwan. For 2019, the location is Mackay Medical College and the planned dates for the camp are Sunday, July 7, to  Sunday, July 14. Following the camp, we have an optional service learning trip. This year’s location is Heng-chhun, southern Taiwan, in the week of the 14th.

Online application for Summer 2019 will open in January. Contact us for more details and early planning at msceapply@gmail. com.